Marcelle Alix Marcelle Alix

Marie Cool Fabio Balducci

Born 1961, Valenciennes, France and 1964, Ostra (AN), Italy
Live in Paris, France and Pergola (PU), Italy

"No protocol, no experimental field, no theme to state, nor even the ability to name any, or describe their status; ultimately, even an authorized account isn't tolerated. Marie Cool activates the works, but someone else might as well do the trick.
Irrespective of whether their execution takes place in an exhibition space or on video recordings, the performative acts we're confronted with lead us to experience the concept of ownership.
In other words, these actions reveal our inability to attempt at possessing them, albeit subjecting them to our glance. The enslavement of man to objects - or just the contrary, depending on the actions - dissects the identity of their practice. The components being used are all determined by standards, industrial norms and their associated behaviors. The hierarchy between innate objects - A4 sheet, tape, wire, light - and animated object - the human being - disappears, as does as well the distinction between a given space and the action being performed therein.
However, the insertion of the poetic element, the repetition of a gesture and its strikingly slow execution break with the standards of the production system of any object whatsoever. It is as if the cycle, including the time of reception by the recipient of the object - in this case: the work - was alienated. Being exposed, these relational reflex actions give way to an experience of the present. What the onlooker experiences is the present's constant grasp with reality. A present that's no longer a representation but has become a form of analogy." Mathilde de Croix

Solo shows

GAK, Bremen, DE, Can Carry No Weight
Bordeaux, FR, Rovesciamento (cur. Alice Motard)

La Verrière, Brussels, BE, (cur. Guillaume Désanges)


Marcelle Alix,
Paris, FR, Spiaggiamento


Area Tesmec, Curno, IT, Contemporary Locus (cur. Paola Tognon)
Granpalazzo - Lulu Mexico City. Projet. Zagarolo, Roma, IT
(cur. Chris Sharp)

Le Chateau d?Eau - Festival International d?art de Toulouse - Toulouse, FR

Le Consortium, Dijon, FR, Il nunc s?è fatto scia (cur. Xavier Douroux)
Marcelle Alix, Paris, FR, Sauvagerie sans nom 
Sometimes (works of art)New York, USA, Untitled, 2001. Metal ruler, ballpoint stylo, table (cur. James Siena)
Frieze New York, US, Frame section with Marcelle Alix

Synagogue de Delme, FR, Come tavolo, come lago, come vivo spazio (cur. Marie Cozette)
FRAC Lorraine, Metz, FR, La mia mano come organo (cur. Beatrice Josse)

Sometimes (works of art), New York , USA, Untitled, 2004. Cotton thread, flame (cur. James Siena)
Academie de France/Villa Medicis, Rome, IT, Live & Obscure (cur. Eric de Chassey)

CAC Bretigny, FR, Une vibration inaudible a l?oreille nue (cur. Pierre Bal-Blanc)

South London Gallery, London, UK, Untitled 2006-2009 (cur. Margot Heller)
Cent8/Serge Le Borgne Gallery, Paris, FR, Untitled 2003

Attitudes, Geneva, SW, Untitled 2004-2007 (cur. Jean Paul Felley & Olivier Kaeser)
Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK, Untitled 2004-2008 (cur. Carole Maund)
Maison Rouge, Fondation Antoine de Galbert, Festival d?automne Paris, FR, Untitled 2004-2008 (cur. Paula Aisemberg
and Marie Colin)

Mudam Musee d?Art Moderne Grand Duc Jean, Luxembourg, Guest House 07 (cur. Marie Claude Beaud and Bjorn Dalhstrom)

         Catherine Bastide Gallery, Brussels, BE, Project room

Group exhibitions

MRAC Musée régional d'art contemporain Occitanie / Pyrénées-Méditerranée
, Sérigan, FR, La mesure du monde
Kunstverein Bielefeld, Bielefeld, DE, Die Freiheit, die wir meinen
Galerie Marcelle Alix
, Paris, FR, Marcelle Alix ouverte
Building Gallery, Milan, IT, BUILDINGBOX, 5979 (cur. Nicola Trezzi)
Arter, Istanbul, TR, What time is it? (cur. Emre Baykal, Eda Berkmen)
Galerie Michel Journiac, Paris, FR, Mémoires de formes, (cur. collectif Petite Surface)

Casino Luxembourg, LUX, Buveurs de quintessences

Pantin, FR, L'invitation aux musées
Hamburg, DE, Freedom of Purpose I, FR, Assemblée-Les 25 ans du centre d'art
Fonderie Darling,
Montréal, CAN, Buveurs de quintessences
OÖ Kulturquartier, Linz, AT, Hörenrausch - The Other Shore

EMST-National Contemporary Art Museum, Athens, GR; Documenta Halle, Kassel, DE, documenta 14
Marta Herford,
Herford, DE, Revolution in red-yellow-blue, Gerrit Rietveld and contemporary art

Mullae Art Factory, Seoul, KR, Moving/Image 

Kunsthalle Osnabruck, Osnabruck, DE, Konkret mehr Raum - Concretely more space! 
CREDAC, Ivry sur Seine, FR, Tout le monde
CAN, Neuchâtel, CH, L?Hospice des Mille Cuisses. Expériences de guérison
FRAC Aquitaine, Bordeaux, FR, Lumières de Roland Barthes 
Château de Monbazillac, Monbazillac, FR, Partition visuelle. Exposition des oeuvres issues du Frac Aquitaine
Lulu, Mexico City, MX, The Lulennial: A Slight Gestuary. (cur. Fabiola Iza et Chris Sharp)

Centre d'art BBB, Toulouse, FR, Collective Collection
Museion, Bolzano, IT, Soleil Politique (cur. Pierre Bal Blanc)
Le Plateau-FRAC Ile-de-France, Paris, FR, Interprète (cur. Xavier Franceschi)

11e Bienal de video y artes mediales, Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago de Chile, CL, Autonomia 
FRAC Alsace, Strasbourg, FR, Pièces montrées. FRAC Alsace, 30 ans de collection (cur. Raphael Zarka)
MUDAM, Luxemburg, J'ouvre les yeux et tu es là (cur. Christophe Gallois)
Grandes Galeries, ESADHAR, Rouen, FR, Le moindre geste (cur. Stephane Carrayrou)

CAN, Neuchâtel, CH, Superamas/ phase n°4 ? La cavalerie

Vistamare, Pescara, IT
Marcelle Alix, Paris, FR, Is Resistance Useless?
Simone Subal Gallery, New York, USA, It's When It's Gone that you Really Notice It 

Louvre/Fiac, Paris, FR, Openings (cur. Marcella Lista)

Berlin Biennial, Berlin, DE, The Living Currency/La Monnaie vivante (cur. Pierre Bal Blanc)
Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw, PL, The Living Currency/La Monnaie vivante (cur. Pierre Bal Blanc)
MoMA, New York, USA, On Line : Drawing Through the Twentieth Century (cur. Cornelia H. Butler, Catherine de Zegher)

Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. UK (cur. Marina Abramovic & Hans Ulrich Obrist)
gb agency, Paris, FR, Where water comes together with other water, (cur. Elodie Royer & Yoann Gourmel)

Fondazione Peccioli, Peccioli , IT, L'angelo sigillato (cur. Rita Selvaggio)

MoMA, New York, USA, Performa07/PS1 (cur. Defne Ayas)

         FRAC Lorraine, Metz. FR, Antipodes (cur. Beatrice Josse)
         Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris. FR, Densité +-0
         (cur. Caroline Ferreira and Marianne


         Untitled 2004-2007, National Review of Live Art part of
         New Territories, Glasgow, SC

         Untitled 1996-2005, Openport, Chicago, USA
         Untitled 1996-2004, Centre National de la Danse, Paris, FR

         Untitled 1996-2005, South London Gallery, London, UK -

         Untitled 1996-2005, Kampnagel, Hamburg, DE
         Untitled 1996-2005, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art,
         Gateshead, UK

         Untitled 1996-2005, Home Suffolk, Rishangles, UK
         Untitled 1996-2005, Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, BE
         Untitled 1996-2005, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, France
         Untitled (Prayers) 1996-2004, National Review of Live Art
         part of New Territories, Glasgow, SC

         Untitled 1996-2004 & Untitled, 1996-2004, Ikon Gallery,
         Birmingham, UK

         Untitled 1996-2004, Belluard Bollwerk International
         (BBI), Fribourg, CH

         Untitled 1996-2004, Festival d'Avignon, Avignon, FR
         Untitled 1996-2004, La Batie Festival de Genève, Geneva,

         Untitled 1996-2003, National Review of Live Art
         part of New Territories, Glasgow, SC

         Untitled 1996-2003, The Bonington Gallery &
         Powerhouse, Nottingham, UK

         Untitled 1996-2003, Festival Brrr, Porto, PT
         Untitled 1996-2003, Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris, FR
         Untitled 1996-2002, South London Gallery, London, UK
         Untitled 1996-2002, Home, London, UK
         Untitled 1996-2002, Les Subsistances, Lyon, FR
         Untitled 1996-2002, Bone5, Bern, CH
         Untitled 1995-2001, Fri-Art Kunsthalle, Fribourg, CH
         Untitled 1995-2000, Attitudes, Geneva, CH
         Untitled 1996-2000, Public, Paris, FR
         Start to show their work to few people in private spaces


         DAAD, Berliner Kunstler Programm, Visual Arts, Berlin, DE

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